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Bar Bee バー ビー

Bar Bee is a real and authentic bar. Our Chinese dishes are outstanding and we can compete with Chinese restaurants. You may be impressed with our 9 meter long and 15 centimeter thick bar counter made from one plank of wood.



Bar LOST BOY バー ロストボーイ

Bar LOST BOY is located one-minute walk from Hikifune Station. Our most popular drinks are the one liter “Mega-sized Drinks”. We hold various events on the weekend.



Spice Bar Nekoroku スパイスバル 猫六

At Spice Bar Nekoroku, you can enjoy craft beers from all over the world. You can also enjoy many dishes made with spice, starting with curry.



Wine shop and Bar OSIZU Wine shop & Bar お静

At Wine shop and Bar OSIZU, you can enjoy the combination of vintage wine and an old Japanese-style house built in 1924. Our recommended dish is Shoochiku Special Monja (runny pan-fried batter mixed with various ingredients), which has an eighty-year history.



Monja Bar KAB. もんじゃBar KAB.

Monja Bar KAB. is an Old Tokyo Style bar that serves the famous dish monja (runny pan-fried batter mixed with various ingredients). Our bar is very atmospheric, so you can take your time and relax here. You can walk here from the TOKYO SKYTREE.



Beer Club POPEYE麦酒倶楽部 ポパイ

We are a bar that specializes in craft beer. You can enjoy over 70 craft beers straight from the keg. As we specialize in beer, you can also enjoy food made with beer here. Of course, this food goes well with beer!! From opening to 8pm is Happy Hour. During this time, any beer with a crown mark beside it on the menu comes with a half-size order of food.



J-Flowジェイ フロウ

We have a piano, drums, and an upright bass in the venue. We have jazz sessions almost daily. Not only the performers - but also the guests - are invited to join in the fun here. Jazz workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays. We also offer coffee during daytime cafe hours, on an irregular basis. Our most popular food menu item is spiced curry, only available at night. It is only available while supplies last, but we hope you will come and try it. See the schedule on our site for event information.



Ipcress Loungeイプクレス・ラウンジ

Our premises are bedecked in good old English Victorian décor. You can enjoy 100 varieties of mojitos. Our menu offers a variety of British pub foods, like fish & chips. A regular haunt of foreign musicians, you can enjoy viewing the signatures they left behind. It’s an enchanted place where you can often witness magic.



GUEST HOUSE café&bar SaKURaゲストハウス カフェ アンド バー サクラ

Located on the first floor of a guesthouse, this café and bar’s interior reflects Showa-era pop culture. 80‘s music, alcoholic beverages and tasty foods await you. We also serve lunch.



Cafe bar samasama カフェバー サマサマ

A two-minute walk from Ryogoku Station, our cheerful and fun space features a Hawaiian flair. We host musical events on a regular basis, and dart games may also be played. We eagerly await your visit, with a wide variety of alcohol and delicious finger foods.